My Philosophy...

I've spent over a decade writing, producing and delivering content in the entertainment industry.

Over the years I've learned that humour is a hugely effective marketing tool. Like a good joke you have both the set-up and the punchline:

The set-up is everything you know; what your product is, who it's for and how it can improve their lives.

The punchline is everything else; it's how to surprise your audience, make them laugh and get them sharing that positivity.


My Story...

I started out writing jokes for my local commercial radio station. Soon, stations across the country were asking if they could use my jokes and ideas too. Before long I was delivering comedy content for some of the biggest radio shows in the UK and winning big industry awards.

Since then I've branched out. I've sold TV sitcom scripts, I've produced radio news programmes, I've learned the art of storytelling in speech radio and stand-up comedy, written award-winning animations and I now deliver original social media content for high street brands and heavyweight broadcasters.