Engage your audience with fun, relevant and relatable original content...

I create bespoke social media content that will help you reach new followers and keep them interacting with your brand and sharing your message through their networks.

I regularly make unique and entertaining content for brands like the BBC, Channel 4 and E4, designed to connect with target audiences and stand-out in timelines, maximising those all-important 'likes and shares'.

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Being clear about your brand's personality, especially its sense of humour, will give you the confidence to keep on making authentic and entertaining content for your followers, and will in turn grow your audience.

I'll create a simple, executable content plan to promote what you do and how you do it, and will connect with the needs, lifestyles and sensibilities of your clients.

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What I do...

I make stand-out entertaining content for broadcast and social media. I produce 5 radio shows every week for the BBC and I am Channel 4's Twitter feed in the evenings.

I can work with you on what you do, make or sell to find and connect with your audience, and give you the confidence and tools to keep on making that content.

I've created relatable, fun and unique content for some of the biggest names, stations, shows and brands in the UK for over a decade. I regularly create content for the BBC, Channel 4, E4, Freeview, Jack FM and more... I've featured in Buzzfeed's '100 Funniest British Tweets of All Time', sold two sitcom pilots and won a Sony Award making topical comedy content for the UK's biggest commercial radio network.

In short I can get you more likes and shares... I'll get people liking what you do; and get them sharing it for you.

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Let's go...

If you'd like to hear more about how we can work together, or what I can do for you, your team or your brand, click here...